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Developing Enterprises

  • Development of Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) strategy, roadmap and execution plan.
  • Social facilitation to drive local economic development.
  • Establishing of ESD Function.
  • Incubation of developing and growing enterprises.
  • Coaching and mentoring of developing and growing enterprises.
  • Coaching of expanding enterprises.
  • Facilitation of access to funding, incentive schemes and grants.
  • Facilitation of access to markets.


Excellence Business Consulting (EBC) provides professional services to the SMME, private and public sectors. We focus on uplifting SMMEs to help them improve their businesses into valuable assets. We assist entrepreneurs to start or grow their businesses into thriving enterprises. We are also focused on developing enterprises of the future in order to enhance current or stimulate new industries. We pride ourselves in being the business partner that makes a difference and goes the distance!