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Welcome to Excellence Business Consulting

​“A business partner that makes a difference and goes the distance.

Excellence Business Consulting (EBC) in collaboration with Excellent Works offer professional services to private and public organisations to support Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) and to help them establish and grow businesses that are valuable assets. Our objective is to develop a thriving and growing SMME sector that contributes to the economic health of our country. We believe that meaningful participation and inclusion in commercial activities promote economic growth. We constantly seek ways to help SMMEs to build smart enterprises that are futuristic to meet future market demands. We have thus established the following lines of service to deliver on our purpose:


Research & Technology


Investment & Funding

Business Support

School of Business

Development of innovative technology for commercialisation

Commercialisation of technology and enterprises development

Financing and funding of enterprises for growth and expansion

Business improvement, transformation, reengineering or turnaround for value

Business skills development for effectiveness

We consider our competitive edge to be the ability to work with clients in a manner where skills are transferred to empower the business owner to better understand and manage their enterprise. We are informed by our operating model which focuses on the client to ensure skills transfer, empowerment, and ownership. We have tools, techniques and guidelines which have served our clients well over the years due to their simplicity and relevance, which they found to be pragmatic and easy to adopt. We believe that this is the way in which we can empower business owners to enable a sustainable improvement.


Excellence Business Consulting (EBC) provides professional services to the SMME, private and public sectors. We focus on uplifting SMMEs to help them improve their businesses into valuable assets. We assist entrepreneurs to start or grow their businesses into thriving enterprises. We are also focused on developing enterprises of the future in order to enhance current or stimulate new industries. We pride ourselves in being the business partner that makes a difference and goes the distance!